Baby Boomers and Healthcare issues post by Charles Laverty
Baby Boomers and Healthcare issues post by Charles Laverty

Baby Boomers and the State of Healthcare to Come

An article contributed by Chunka Mui for Forbes focuses on the subject of baby boomers and healthcare.  The numbers stated in this article are staggering.

The medical needs of baby boomers that are affected by diabetes, high blood pressure and chronic illnesses are increasing.  Therefore, the money paid by this generation for insurances and other costs are increasing.

Also, the article discusses how the medical staff in general won’t be strong enough to fulfill the baby boomer needs.  The system is going to be inundated, and bankruptcy for individuals and our nation could result, Mui states.

Keeping sight

This article is a good article, I do think it comes down to personal responsibility.  We are largely responsible of whether we are sick or healthy.  Keeping up on diet and exercise, is important since weight control is one of the underlying issues for being and staying healthy.

Self-awareness will help baby boomers stay on top of their medical needs.  Knowing what we are doing and when we are doing it.  Responsibility of our own person, will make a difference.

Read the article here.



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