Back From The Future – A Fantastic Trip To China

Charles Laverty Flies Home From Beijing Capital International Airport. China Land of the Future

China Is The Land of The Future

I’m in the Air China Club in the Beijing airport waiting for my flight back to Los Angeles. In Beijing it is 12:28 pm on Friday February 2nd. My flight arrives at LAX at 11am on Friday February 2nd.  I am saddened by leaving this land of the future.

Here in China the next two weeks will be basically a long holiday. Almost everything is closed for the Chinese New Year celebrations. Everyone travels home, and it is one of the major holidays of the year in China.

This morning I had two last meetings and these both were excellent. This was a very successful trip to China for ABS. I expect to be back again in March. China is a dynamic and exciting place. It is an excellent place to do business and it is a critically important market for ABS.

The trip has been very important for ABS and a great experience for me as well. I have come to appreciate both the history and culture of China. I am committed to learning as much Mandarin as I possibly can and will be able to use a lot more of it on my next trip. I would recommend every parent or grandparent to have kids begin to learn Mandarin. It is the language of the future. In business and life, you better get acquainted with China.

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