Beijing is A Friendly Ocean of Bikes and Capital

Chales Laverty Pics In A Beijing Office Building

Friendly Smiles and Helpful Hosts

I made it to Beijing and am really enjoying the city. The people here are very friendly as everyone smiles and appears very upbeat. Everywhere I go locals have been very willing to help with anything I have needed. It is a surprisingly friendly reception for such a large city.

An Ocean of Bikes – Go Ahead and Take One

Beijing is very clean and very, very busy. There are remarkably large numbers of cars, motor scooters and thousands of bikes. It sometimes feels like an ocean of bikes. Bikes sit on every corner and people just ride one and drop it off wherever their destination might take them.

I had 3 meetings this morning. All of them went well and I am excited at the scope of the opportunities in China. Heart disease is a global pandemic killing 17M people a year. In many rapidly developing economies like China, aging populations, more western diets, more dairy and red meats and more sedentary office jobs mean that we need new tools to address heart disease in all its forms.

Talent, Capital and Opportunity

Beijing has a highly skilled work force with many university educated engineers. We discussed a facility in Shenzhen with potential for a joint venture with a fund in China. Shenzhen is in southeastern China and links Hong Kong to China’s mainland.

Meeting this afternoon with State Development & Investment Corporation (SDIC). SDIC is the largest Chinese state owned investment fund and they last reported assets of over 461.7 billion RMB yuan a few years ago.

That is it from Beijing today. I have dinner tonight and will finish late. Tomorrow is Friday here and I have more meetings in the morning and then I am headed to the airport and back to LA.

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