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Charles Laverty on better ways to be a manager
Charles Laverty on better ways to be a manager

Having your own business, or running someone else’s, is a huge responsibility.  This is also something that takes up your time and energy in so many ways.  Some boss’s need to become a better manager.

Most bosses are busy throughout an entire day.  They don’t have much time to actually devote to improving the manager skills.  If managers can take a little time to put towards this very important part of their business, if will surely pay off.

Making a few changes to the basics will help.  Just small simple changes with employee interaction will prove great results.

There is no one style fits all for a manager

There is no one fits all style of managing.  You have to develop and hone in on what will work for your skill set.

If you have a motivated and upbeat staff, then this will prove to be valuable.  This will probably even give you employees who exceed target expectations.

As a boss, it is up to you to lead the team.

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