Big ABS Presentation At Bifurcation Club Meeting

From Drive to Overdrive

Building a startup can arguably be one of the most difficult challenges in business. So it is immensely gratifying and invigorating when you start to build momentum and see everyone’s hard work paying off big.

We have so many great things happen right now at ABS that it is hard to know where to start. But from media coverage to investor interest to the announcement of human trials in Canada, the team at Advanced Bifurcation Systems is enjoying seeing so much progress on so many fronts.

Big developments

One of the most exciting developments is that ABS co-founder Dr. Mehran Khorsandi will present the ABS dedicated stenting system at the European Bifurcation Club meeting in Porto, Portugal on Saturday October 14th.

We are also sponsoring a cocktail party the first night of the meeting. The EBC meeting is a meeting of some of the top minds in the field and it will give our team a chance to show off the hard work and our innovative solution.

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