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My name is Charles Laverty. I am a healthcare executive living in California.  I am the CEO of Advanced Bifurcation Systems (ABS) which produces a cardiac stent system that has received many patents already and are also preparing to submit the ABS Platform for FDA review..

At ABS our mission is to evenly scaffold all bifurcations regardless of sizes, angles or plaque location in one simple procedure.  I love healthcare and am passionate about it because I can see how our work directly affects the lives of people. This could be transformational. Current methods of stenting are difficult and have high failure rates. For these and other reasons we have well over a million open hart surgeries every year. I think we could easily train many more interventional cardiologists in stenting, using the ABS Platform and increase its use.

Work History

I was named one of Inc. Magazine’s 1992 Turnaround Entrepreneur of the year. I have 25 years of leadership experience mainly in healthcare, primarily care providers and manufacturers.

I was CEO of Foster Medical and Imagyn Medical Technologies and was president and CEO of InfusionCare, Inc. Before that I was president and COO of Dobuke Corporation.

ABS Mission statement is To evenly scaffold all bifurcations regardless of angles, sizes or plaque location in a simple procedure.

Other Interests and Education on Charles Laverty

I enjoy writing and am especially passionate about fixing the problems with American healthcare. My blog touches extensively the topic and I have also written on other sites about it.

I think there are inherent problems with the structure and incentives built into American health insurance. I have been active in the American Heart Association and currently support other causes related to health and wellness. I attended Parsons College in Fairfield Iowa and majored in Physical Education.

I also write a blog for my travels around Los Angeles.  Los Angeles has been my home for over 2 decades.  I have many friends on the east coast that ask me what I am up too so that enticed me to start a blog.  You can read it here and please feel free to leave a comment if you agree or disagree about my reviews of these places in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

A few things people have written about me…

“Charles Laverty has a long history of helping companies become successful and reach public status.  Laverty has completed over a billion dollars in public equity offerings, senior debt, convertible debt and numerous bank financing.”

“Charles Laverty is among the very elite title of being named Turnaround Entrepreneur of the Year for all United States Companies.”

Charles Laverty
Charles Laverty

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