By | January 29, 2018

Oh Right…China Gets Winter

It is funny when experienced travelers make rookie mistakes. My second full day in Shanghai was very cold and windy. In the hectic run up to my trip this moron from Southern California did not pack an overcoat even though he owns three of them. Oh well, I will just have to brave the weather.

I have not adjusted to the local time. I started following up with contacts in New York at 3:30 am China time and made some valuable calls to our company advisors.

I am enjoying practicing my tourist Mandarin. I have started working in some basic greetings.

Hello                                    “Nín hǎo.”

How are you?                   “Nĭ hăo ma?”

Nice to meet you             “hěn-gāo-xīng-rèn-shí-nǐ.”

I am learning more every day although. The locals laugh at my pronunciation, so I tell them that I will get better. I remain so impressed with the people. They are great, polite and friendly.

China does not allow Gmail or YouTube services. But, it looks like the government may approve them shortly. Many people use a VPN (virtual private network) to get around restrictions and improve privacy.

Yesterday afternoon Greg and I visited the local underground knock-off flea market. It was amazing just to walk around and see everything from luggage to baby clothes and every “brand” you could imagine. This is the so-called “off label” China market. Learning to understand a new culture is very enlightening.

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