China Trip – Evening 2: A Day of Great Meetings About Great Challenges

Hěn-gāo-xīng-rèn-shí-nǐ – Now Let’s Talk About A Global Killer

Monday was exciting because it was my first experience with Shanghai on a workday.

Renaissance Capital Offices in Shanghai
Renaissance Capital Offices in Shanghai

Our first meeting was at China Renaissance Group. It was a large, modern office building but everyone was wearing overcoats or scarfs because the building had minimal heating. So, people bundled up, except for me, and it did not seem to bother them. The meeting was excellent, and some large opportunities lie ahead for ABS.

We had five more meetings today and then we have a business dinner meeting tonight. I am also starting to be a fan of Chinese food and, after many attempts, I can finally use chopsticks credibly.

Our first workday we met with amazing funds about the massive need in heart disease
Our first workday we met with amazing funds about the massive need in heart disease

We met with many excellent funds and got very excellent feedback today on Advanced Bifurcation Systems. One thing that shocks people is the scope of the public health and economic costs of heart disease.

Cardiovascular disease is a global pandemic and we can do so much more to help. CVDs are the number 1 cause of death worldwide. In 2015 the WHO estimates that 17.7 million people died. Cardiovascular disease is 31% of all global deaths. This includes 7.4 million from coronary heart disease and 6.7 million from stroke.

Two that were very interesting were C-Bridge capital and Lyfe Capital. Both were excited about the opportunity ahead for ABS and in fact Lyfe wants to have us meet one of their investment portfolio companies. There is something here that might be beneficial to both us and their portfolio company that could give ABS significant exposure in Asia.

Meeting with our excellent host at Lyft Capital in Shanghai
Meeting with our excellent hosts at Lyfe Capital in Shanghai

We were very lucky to have Dr. Khorsandi on both calls. He was in LA (16 hours time difference). Our meetings included MDs, so Dr. K provided a more credible depth of detail to the conversation. We have lots of follow-up but the opportunity is very exciting.

All in, today was a very good day even though I was freezing all day long. Now it is off to my dinner meeting at 6:30 pm local time. We are having Japanese food. This has been as wonderful day with lots of excitement. It is fun to talk about the mission of the company and every conversation makes me even more proud of ABS and what we hope to accomplish.

More tomorrow…

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