Fix Climate Change Without Breaking The Country

Fear is The Wrong Strategy to Address Climate Change

Climate change is a hotly debated issue, no pun intended. Having many live in fear.  No matter which side of the fence you’re on, it’s something that can’t be ignored both physically and on a political level. We’re forced to deal with a slew of information.  Some of which borders on apocalyptic. With regards to the world’s changing climate and how it will affect humanity, the economy, and future generations, daily.

But is all the fear warranted? Or is it blown out of proportion to suit an agenda? Look at the most prevalent political icon known for his strong opinion on climate change and global warming.

Living in Fear. Politicizing Climate Change Isnt Good For The Environment or The Country
Politicizing Climate Change Isn’t Good For The Environment or The Country.

In 2006 ex-vice president Al Gore starred in a badly disguised political campaign of a movie, An Inconvenient Truth, which followed him on a journey to ‘educate’ the masses on the threat of global warming and climate change. As of October 2006, An Inconvenient Truth has grossed more than $23 million at the Box Office, and Al Gore himself continues to profit off his views on climate change.

This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t focus on reducing energy consumption and our carbon footprint. However, we must do so without the fanaticism purported by global warming ‘enthusiasts.’

Factors to consider

We need to consider certain factors when talking about climate change and what we can do about it.

  1. The United States shouldn’t be responsible for paying for the rest of the world to reduce their energy consumption
  2. We need to work with facts that aren’t politically slanted – agenda equals lie in the long run.
  3. We need to take personal responsibility for our environment but not through government edicts

The bottom line with climate change is this: do what you can to prevent it and stay clean, but don’t introduce limitations which affect the economics of the United States based on thinly veiled apocalyptic posturing and alarm-ism.

The doomsday mentality has been around for years. Allowing it to seep into the economy will be disastrous for the U.S.

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