Newport Beach

Newport Beach is Charles Laverty’s hometown

My hometown of Newport Beach has some of the best shopping and scenery.  We have an amazing championship golf course and beautiful beaches.  The town occupies about 40 square miles

The temperature here is a big draw for me as is with most of the population.  Daytime averages are only 80 degrees and only dips to the low 60’s during the winter. In the evenings it really never gets below 50 in the winter.

Moving here was a tough one coming from he hustle and bustle of the east coast.  I am very happy with my choice of towns.

Newport Beach has one of the largest boating harbors in the world.  Driving over to watch all the boats has been a highlight to many of my out of town guests.

I travel a lot for work, but when I am home I love to drive by the beach on Sunday mornings real early.  This really starts a peaceful vibe to my work week ahead.  Please check out my wordpress with all of my travels here and around the Los Angeles area.

Newport Beach by Charles Laverty
Newport Beach by Charles Laverty