Noise Linked To Heart Disease Factors

Chrles Laverty Blog post On Noise and Hart Disease reserch

Stress From Environmental Commotion May Be The Cause

Researches have found linkages between environmental sounds, such as those from airplanes and road noise can contribute to the risk factor for heart disease. Research like this is critical since 800 people every minute die of heart disease and that number will go up more than 25% in about 7 years. They linked risk factors including diabetes and hypertension. Turbulent sounds are associated with oxidative stress, vascular dysfunction, autonomic imbalance and metabolic abnormalities.

Thomas Munzel, MD, lead author of the review and director of the Department of Internal Medicine at University Medical Center Mainz, Johannes Cutenberg University, Mainz, Germany, said, “as the percentage of the population exposed to detrimental levels of transportation noise are rising, new developments and legislation to reduce noise are important for public health.”

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