Increased Congestion Hinders Quality of Life

Increased Congestion points to lower quality of live post by Charles Laverty

LAX Passenger Traffic Up Nearly 4% in January 

We often see traffic growth as a sign of increased congestion and a diminishment of the quality of life in urban centers.

I recently returned from China, a country has has seen explosive growth on a scale never seen in the United States.

On a very significant degree, China has embraced this growth.  In turn, the development of its infrastructure development keeps pace with economic growth, with very few exceptions.

America needs to invest heavily in infrastructure, to provide the foundation for sustained and beneficial economic growth.

The article I read can be found here.              

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School Shootings is a Shared Responsibility

School are really getting prepared post by Charles Laverty

Responsibility is Across the Board

In the wake of the Parkland devastation, the Newport-Mesa School District says its school safety methods have it prepared to do what needs to be done.

It is commendable that schools and their boards across the country are being proactive.  They are establishing methods and procedures to protect our children and school teachers against society’s most evil people.

The responsibility to protect our schools is a shared responsibility.  The often-missed “front line” of this responsibility are the parents.

Parents need to pro-actively communicate with their children, and seek appropriate help when trouble signs appear.  Mental illness must be viewed with the same seriousness as physical illness.

We readily seek professional help for a child when he or she is physical ill. That same mantra must apply when our child is seemingly mentally ill, as well.

The article I read can be found here.

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Getting Spooked by Federal Immigration Authorities

Federal Immigration Authorities making surprise visits post by Charles Laverty

Visits by Federal Immigration Authorities are Spooking California Businesses and Workers

Federal Immigration Authorities are popping up at businesses where they have suspicion that laws are not being followed. Businesses need to abide by all laws, not just laws that they selectively chose to follow, while ignoring others.

All businesses must follow the same set of rules and those rules must be enforced.  By doing so, legislatures can amend existing rules to accommodate changing immigration patterns and societal norms.  This is for the equal and fair benefit of all, namely, businesses, employees and, most importantly, the country.

The article I read can be found here.

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POTUS Announcing Heavy Tariffs on Some Imports

Steel and Aluminum tariffs from POTUS post by Charles Laverty

Trump Announces Plans For Heavy Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum Imports

The President’s announcement of tariffs on steel and aluminum imports is long overdue. For decades, the American steel and aluminum industries have suffered.

They have suffered under unfair competition from foreign firms.  These firms are taking advantage of lax environmental laws,unfair labor rates and, in some cases, energy subsidization.

The announced tariffs will help level the playing field, providing US businesses the opportunity to again compete fairly in the American market. This initiative will create high paying American jobs, in America, for America.

The article I read can be found here.


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E-Cigarettes in Gummy Bear Flavors

E-Cigarettes post by Charlie Laverty


E-Cigarettes are a very big thing today.  My jaw dropped when I read that they have gummy bear and candy flavored ones now.  I believe too, that these companies are trying to appeal to young people.  Discussions that e-cigarettes are also a gateway form for future cigarette use.

THERE IS NO FORM OF TOBACCO THAT IS GOOD FOR ANYONE. Testing and results have shown the impact of e-cigarettes has upon heart disease.

People think not me, I’m too healthy but they could be destroying their lungs, and increasing the risk of heart attacks. There is no amount of nicotine that can be good for anyone, anytime or anyplace.

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Obesity in our Youth

Obesity in our Youth post by Charles Laverty photo-credit unknown

Obesity in our Youth

In this article I read, obesity has now become a problem for children in the age bracket of 2 to 5 years of age.  This is astounding to me.   

This is a real problem with children as there is some much time spent on IPads, cell phones and TV games. In turn, team sports have decreased, playing outdoors has decreased and diets are filed with many foods that add calories.

Parents need to take an active role in making sure their children are healthy. That is a tough statement as all parents care about their children.

However, parents set examples every day with this child. Most parents don’t realize that their children do notice them not eating right and exercising.  This vision of their parents has a dramatic effect upon the child.  A child’s diet is also so critical.  They should be eating fruit instead of donuts, salads and vegetables instead of mac and cheese, etc.

Parental influence can change the obesity problem with children.

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How Advanced Bifurcation Systems is Taking on Heart Disease

Charles Laverty is CEO of Advanced Bifurcation Systems

Tackling a Global Pandemic

ABS was founded because there’s a real need for improvements in the way we approach the global heart disease problem. Current methods for treating heart disease aren’t always successful. 7.4 million people die from a heart attack every year. Several new technologies could change that and our innovative new stenting platform is one of them. We hope that human clinical trials and FDA review will show that it could reduce the need for open-heart surgery and improve the quality of life for patients suffering from heart disease.

How the ABS System Works

One of the most difficult procedures for heart surgeons is trying to place stents in branched arteries. The ABS system is designed to simplify the process and replace most open-heart surgeries with a less invasive procedure that can be performed as a day surgery.

Open-heart surgery is a stressful experience for the patient and many suffer depression after their operation. A simple day procedure would reduce their anxiety and allow them to return to their daily lives without a significant recovery period.

The method works by using a dual catheter system to place stents in both the mother and daughter vessels of a branched artery at the same time. The technology is self-aligning as well, to reduce the risk of errors and it’s simple to perform. Most cardiac surgeons will be able to perform the procedure without much training.

A Major Part of the Puzzle

The ABS system isn’t the only breakthrough we hope could aid in reducing deaths from heart disease. New technologies in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, apps, and wearable devices are also part of the solution. It’s not difficult to imagine the risk of death from a heart attack being cut in half in the next decade. Technology is allowing people to live longer and healthier lives. I think that Advanced Bifurcation Systems is a major piece of the puzzle along with these other technologies.

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Research Linking Crash Diets and Deterioration in Heart Function

Charles Laverty Blog On Research Connecting Crash dieting and Heart Stress

Transient Deterioration From Short Term Increase in Heart Fat Content

Research on the health impact of crash diets conducted at the Oxford Centre for Magnetic Resonance at Oxford University found some interesting results. Obese patients on meal replacement diets were  600 to 800 kcal per day for 56 days. While insulin and fat levels did decrease the first week, heart fat levels increased about 44% in the study in the first week. In the first week body fat (of course), visceral fat and liver fat all fell and the patients displayed improvements in insulin resistance, fasting total cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose and blood pressure.

Short Term Stresses On Heart Possible

By the end of the study the heart fat levels had improved beyond where they had started so these diets do display a number of health benefits. Doctors warned that people with heart disease or other cardiovascular conditions should discuss these diets with a health care professional before hand to ensure they can handle the short term impacts.

Dr Rayner said: “The metabolic improvements with a very low calorie diet, such as a reduction in liver fat and reversal of diabetes, would be expected to improve heart function. Instead, heart function got worse in the first week before starting to improve.”

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Noise Linked To Heart Disease Factors

Chrles Laverty Blog post On Noise and Hart Disease reserch

Stress From Environmental Commotion May Be The Cause

Researches have found linkages between environmental sounds, such as those from airplanes and road noise can contribute to the risk factor for heart disease. Research like this is critical since 800 people every minute die of heart disease and that number will go up more than 25% in about 7 years. They linked risk factors including diabetes and hypertension. Turbulent sounds are associated with oxidative stress, vascular dysfunction, autonomic imbalance and metabolic abnormalities.

Thomas Munzel, MD, lead author of the review and director of the Department of Internal Medicine at University Medical Center Mainz, Johannes Cutenberg University, Mainz, Germany, said, “as the percentage of the population exposed to detrimental levels of transportation noise are rising, new developments and legislation to reduce noise are important for public health.”

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Back From The Future – A Fantastic Trip To China

Charles Laverty Flies Home From Beijing Capital International Airport. China Land of the Future

China Is The Land of The Future

I’m in the Air China Club in the Beijing airport waiting for my flight back to Los Angeles. In Beijing it is 12:28 pm on Friday February 2nd. My flight arrives at LAX at 11am on Friday February 2nd.  I am saddened by leaving this land of the future.

Here in China the next two weeks will be basically a long holiday. Almost everything is closed for the Chinese New Year celebrations. Everyone travels home, and it is one of the major holidays of the year in China.

This morning I had two last meetings and these both were excellent. This was a very successful trip to China for ABS. I expect to be back again in March. China is a dynamic and exciting place. It is an excellent place to do business and it is a critically important market for ABS.

The trip has been very important for ABS and a great experience for me as well. I have come to appreciate both the history and culture of China. I am committed to learning as much Mandarin as I possibly can and will be able to use a lot more of it on my next trip. I would recommend every parent or grandparent to have kids begin to learn Mandarin. It is the language of the future. In business and life, you better get acquainted with China.

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