ABS Announces $20M Growth Capital Round

Advanced Bifurcation Systems Announces $20M Growth Capital Round

Advanced Bifurcation Systems (ABS) made two major announcements in the past couple of weeks. We’ve launched a new round of fundraising with a target of $20 million.  We are also happy to announces that Ken Richards has joined our team as our new CFO.

These are exciting times at ABS as we continue our progress towards regulatory approval globally and the release of our advanced stenting system worldwide. Within a few short years, most open heart surgeries could become a thing of the past.

Firm Financial Footing

The medical field is a competitive one with innovative research teams competing to attract the attention of major investors. That’s why adding Ken Richards to our team was so important. He brings with him a wealth of experience in the investment arena working for successful investment firms such as York Bridge Capital and CIBC World Markets. Ken has the expertise to help ABS reach its $20 million funding target.

Human Trials

Ken’s a graduate of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and that’s not the only Canadian connection at ABS. On October 3, 2017, we also made a major announcement about our next wave of human clinical trials in partnership with Dalhousie University’s Medical School in New Brunswick. Planning is well underway to begin this next phase of trials at the medical school. This is a big “next step” in our steady progress towards the eventual commercial role out of our innovative stenting system.

Positive Feedback

Our breakthrough technology received a lot of positive feedback at the recent European Bifurcation Club meeting in Portugal where our CMO, Dr. Mehran Khorsandi, talked about our new procedure. We’ve been able to use this to continue our momentum and we’re excited about what the next few months has in store.

How it Works

Our new technology is designed to replace less reliable stenting methods used today. Our procedure covers all types of lesions regardless of branch angle, size, plaque burden or location. Our system places stents in both the main branch and side branch simultaneously and its self-aligning to virtually eliminate the need for further surgery.

Once we’ve received full regulatory approval I believe that the Advanced Bifurcation Systems Platform will become the method of choice for most interventionist cardiologists.


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WSJ Opinion Piece FBI Directors Imperiling Rule of Law

Sad Statement About Politics Dividing Our Nation


This Wall Street Journal opinion piece by Peter Berkowitz highlights something really sad. Comey and Mueller would rather see the FBI used as a tool of political intrigue than protect the rule of law for Americans. This situation deserves public outcry and our top law enforcement organization should be above influencing politics or personal gain.

This WSJ Opinion piece highlights a sad reality. Comey & Mueller have chosen politics over rule of law
This WSJ Opinion piece highlights a sad reality. Comey & Mueller have chosen politics over rule of law. The divisions in our country continue
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My Interview in CEOCFO Magazine

The ABS Team and What We Are Trying to Accomplish

Special thanks to the team at CEOCFO Magazine for interviewing me all about what we are doing here at ABS. Advanced Bifurcation Systems believes that new techniques can lead to more coronary stenting and higher success rates and less open heart surgery. It is grat to get the story out and I appreciate the attention and exposure.

CEOCFO Magazine Logo - Read Charles Laverty's Interview on Advanced Bifurcation Systems
CEOCFO Magazine Logo – Read Charles Laverty’s Interview on Advanced Bifurcation Systems
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America – Time For Us To Work Together

Winning Is Trumping Progress At the Moment

Politics has always been a contact sport. But I argue that we have been able to come together to find common ground to fight an enemy. We did it with World War II (at least after Pearl Harbor), we did it after September 11th. We did it (mostly) during the height of the Cold War. We can do it today if we Row The Boat together.

Different Challenges – Huge Stakes

The culture wars and our leaders have divided us just when we need to come together. Let's learn from coach Fleck on how to Row The Boat
The culture wars and our leaders have divided us just when we need to come together. Let’s learn from coach Fleck on how to Row The Boat

The issues we face are extremely serious. Changing technology and demographics mean huge challenges for jobs and resource contention around the world. As the old order falls apart and we look to the future, we need to understand that gridlock means failure. We have risks to jobs at the same time as a huge shift in aging. Healthcare across the world suffers from spiraling costs that no current system solves. Supporting larger numbers of retirees on programs including Social Security is unsustainable.

Time to Row Together

As Minnesota Golden Gophers head coach PJ Fleck says, we need to row the boat together. What does Fleck say this requires?

  1. You need an Oar – this is the energy that you bring to your cause, relationships, work and life. This is what will move our boat. We need the right energy, and we need to share the same type of energy to move forward together.
  2. Then you need the Boat – this is the sacrifice we must make to move forward. We have to sacrifice to get what we have never had as a country, even if it means sacrificing our opinion.
  3. Finally, we must have a Compass – we need to travel in the right direction as one, and surround ourselves with positivity, rather than negativity.

If we focus on the present and rowing our boat as a country, together, we will ultimately achieve great goals and a better quality of life for all Americans. But how do we do that?

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Advanced Bifurcation ABS Stenting In Huffington Post

Excitement Building for ABS Stenting System

The team has worked very hard to develop the ABS Stenting System and to build a great team of talented people to help bring it to market. It is great to see progress being made on this and seeing it all come together.

Stenting in a coronary artery - the ABS Stenting System we believe will be shown to simplify the process, eliminate gaps and overlap and simplify inserting stents into challenging spots like bifurcations.
Stenting in a coronary artery – the ABS Stenting System we believe will be shown to simplify the process, eliminate gaps and overlap and simplify inserting stents into challenging spots like bifurcations.

Tens of millions of people suffer from coronary problems. And we are a far way off from curing it. But wherever we can give people, a non-surgical alternative then we do  lot of good. Open Heart Surgery is major surgery and is traumatic for patients. Stenting can be a great alternative that is typically out-patient. Articles like this Huffington Post article help us to get the word out that we believe that we have a solution that will address challenging stenting situations, like bifurcations, eliminate overlap and gaps (which reduces the effectiveness of current stenting techniques), and simplifies the proceedure for interventionist cardiologists. We are preparing our application for review by the FDA and are looking forward to that process.

In the meanwhile we are making progress as an organization, presenting at the European Bifurcation Club meeting this month, receiving 44 patents from across the globe (with 11 more in process) and adding great people to our team. It is so exciting and rewarding to see it all starting to come together.

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Thank you Facebook

Great Response on Facebook to Recent Company News

People are hungry for good news about health and medicine. Thank you to everyone on Facebook who responded to my post.  On the announcement and presentation on October 14th of the ABS platform for stenting bifurcation lesions.

I posted a link to a recent Huffington Post article about how we hope that our system will allow more interventionist cardiologists to applying stenting more often.  In turn, with better outcomes and that could reduce the amount of open heart surgery.

We are looking forward to upcoming human trials in Canada and to completing our application to the FDA.


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ABS Platform News Coverage

Media Attention is Growing

The team at Advanced Bifurcation Systems is really excited about recent development there. We recently had some great investor activity, were features in several online articles and a couple of very popular social posts, and chief medical officer and co-founder Mehran Khorsand presented our platform to great responses at the European Bifurcation Club meeting in Portugal.

This Huffington Post article got a lot of attention and a World News article have gotten some response too. I know it is just the beginning of  lot of attention for our team. We are looking forward to sharing a lot of great company updates in the near future.

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Medical Innovation Is Not A Blue or Red State Issue

The Next Instagram May Change the Way You Take Pictures

But The Next Big Medical Innovation Could Save Your Life

Charles Laverty on the critical impact of medical innovatio
Charles Laverty on the critical impact of medical innovation in US competitiveness and public health.

Last week at the European Bifurcation Club meeting in Porto Portugal, ABS co-founder and chief medical officer Dr. Mehran Khorsand presented the ABS bifurcation stenting platform. We met many other dedicated doctor and professionals who are devoting their energy, time and money to creating life-saving and enhancing innovations that will benefit us all. This is why medical innovation is different and deserves to be treated differently.

For all the things that divide us as a nation, medical innovation should stand as a beacon for cooperation. We agree on the problems facing aging population and medical issues that affect too many people like obesity, cancer and heart disease. We agree that Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid are in trouble and that health care costs need to be addressed. Yet from financing to regulatory approval to employment law to tax policy, we miss opportunities to work together.

As mentioned in this article about an earlier post, we need to stop viewing medical innovation and medical innovators as something to be exploited and instead treat them as a critical national asset that benefits each and every one of us, our family and our nation. This is a great place for the Trump Administration and Democratic leaders to work together on an issue that benefits everyone.

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Huffington Post Article Going Viral

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Enthusiastic Reception at the European Bifurcation Club

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