Bacteria and Viral Illnesses and Your Septic System

Bacterial and Viral Illnesses post by Charles Laverty

Your Badly Maintained Septic System

A PDF file I just read really was quite an interesting.  Please follow this link to read it for yourself.  This was written by R. Mohamed of Wayne State University, USA.  He writes about septic systems and also the bacterial and viral illnesses associated with this.

Illnesses May Await You

In turn, one of the noteworthy sentences stated  “Meanwhile, according to the EPA, 168,000 viral and 34,000 bacterial illnesses each year can be traced to badly maintained septic systems. In addition, the monetized value of environmental and public health damages could be large.”

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Wastewater is being Wasted

Wastewater is being Wasted post by Charles Laverty


I started speaking to people about what they knew about wastewater.  I was really surprised at how little thought went into that very important subject.

The water that goes down the drain is in fact being wasted.  However, we can resolve this problem.  At the core of fixing it is that the private industry and the government need to work together.

Reuse Wastewater

I read on United Nations website that “80% of wastewater flows back into the ecosystem without being treated or reused”  This article posted by is highly educational for everyone.


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Water Top Issue Facing Humanity

Top Issue Facing Humanity is Water post by Charles Laverty


Top issue facing humanity is water.  This household staple that comes out of our faucets in many homes is a crucial issue around the globe.  At its core, water is a critical development for energy and food production.  Water is also critical for our human survival and to maintain healthy ecosystems.

Some of the main point about water I found on site.    I read that 2.1 billion people lack access to safely managed drinking water services. More points they made are below:

  • 4.5 billion people lack safely managed sanitation services. (WHO/UNICEF 2017)
  • 340,000 children under five die every year from diarrhoeal diseases. (WHO/UNICEF 2015)
  • Water scarcity already affects four out of every 10 people. (WHO)
  • 90% of all natural disasters are water-related. (UNISDR)
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Events With Family Office Networks

Events for Charles Laverty, CEO


I am very proud to be speaking at two events.  The luncheons are hosted by Family Office Networks.  Hence, I am presenting both presentations regarding how my company, Advanced Bifurcation Systems has created the only stenting technology that will cover all types of bifurcations.

The first engagement is on September 27th at The Barrel Room in San Francisco.  The topic is the Paradigm Shift in Interventional Cardiology.  You can RSVP here.

Likewise, the second engagement is on October 17th at Lucques in West Hollywood.  In turn, the topic for this one is Bifurcation Disease for a Disruptive Technology; How the Mother-Daughter Solution for all bifurcations.   You may RSVP here.

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Dick Cheney With Us At TCT2018

Dick Cheney Joining Us at TCT2018 post by Charles Laverty

Proud to Have Dick Cheney With Us

We are very much looking forward to our exhibit at the tct2018 convention in San Diego.  My company Advanced Bifurcation Systems is proud to have Dick Cheney join us at our booth.

The convention is put on by the Cardiovascular Research Foundation.  Located at the San Diego Convention Center on September 21st through the 25th.

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Southern California Investor Conference Presentation

Charles Laverty and other members of the ABS team will present at SoCal Investor Conference on August 23rd

CVD is the Worlds Leading Killer…By Far

Cardiovascular disease is our number one public health challenge and more people die annually from CVDs than from any other cause. The World Health Organization estimates that 17.7 million people died from CVDs in 2015. This is nearly  third of all global deaths. This includes an estimated 7.4 million deaths from coronary heart disease and 6.7 million from stroke.

Innovation Is the engine for Change and Investors and Entrepreneur provide the Fuel and Spark

Advanced Bifurcation Systems has developed a novel, potentially revolutionary mother-daughter coronary stenting platform that has the potential to reduce the duration of stenting procedures, improve the reliability of bifurcation disease stenting and simplify the procedure for practitioners. So I am presenting at noon this Thursday, August 23rd in at the 2018 Southern California Investor Conference. The conference will be at the Balboa Bay Resort in Newport Beach. I am expecting up to 300 investors will come and hear about the opportunity.

Analysts report that the coronary stent market is expected to reach $10B in 2025. Bifurcation disease could be about 25% of this market. ABS represents a great opportunity for family office investors who seek to make a real impact on the future of healthcare. So as Family Office Networks Founder Andrew Schneider recently put it, “We believe ABS is poised to capture a significant part of this $2.5B market as the only true and complete bifurcating stent delivery platform in the market.”

I hope you will join us


Conference Details

Southern California Investor Conference
12 noon
Thursday, August 23rd
Balboa Bay Resort, Newport Beach
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ABS to Open Global Manufacturing Facility

Livermore, California  Selected As Our First Manufacturing Hub

2018 has been the most exciting year in ABS history. We have opened the door to China, added amazing new talent to our board and executive team, partnered with Family Office Network and reached 48 international patents awarded and pending.


Today I am thrilled to announce another major step forward. Advanced Bifurcation Systems® is opening our global manufacturing facility for our mother-daughter coronary stenting platform. We selected a facility in Livermore, California that is located down the street from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in one of America’s most innovative regions.


We are in amazing company here. The region encompassing Bay Area and Silicon Valley region is the world’s top center of innovations and has one of the greatest collections of minds found anywhere. Talent is the key to fulfilling our mission and ultimately that was the most important factor in why we selected this area. We will join many other great companies in exporting American innovations from here, around the world. Ultimately, I do expect we will want to secure additional manufacturing outside the US.


The new facility will start as our global manufacturing hub for our mother-daughter stenting platform and will play a major role in our upcoming application to the United States Food and Drug Administration. The facility has its own Class 10,000 Cleanrooms which are all being certified to build and assemble the ABS product portfolio.


Heart Disease is the world’s top health problem, especially as nations age, economies develop, and diets and lifestyles change. Public and private health systems around the world struggle to provide affordable medical care on the scale needed. To start, the facility will create approximately 35-50 new jobs, but the facility has the capacity to handle very large growth. ABS’ solution is a rare, game changing solution.


Earlier this year, experts estimated that the coronary stent market will reach $10B in 2025. Bifurcation disease could be about 25% of this market. I believe that with ABS could capture a significant part of this. I believe that FDA review and market response will show that our platforms will allow more cardiologist to treat more people, more cheaply, more safely and more reliably than the current mix of stents and surgery.


See also

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Event with Family Office Networks and ABS

Family Office Networks event post by Charles Laverty

My company has partnered with Family Office Networks.  We are happy to be a part of their goals.

We are holding an event at Flemings Steakhouse in Newport Beach California on August 21st 2018 from noon until 2pm.  I will be speaking about how ABS’s platform is the only platform that covers all bifurcations.

Please join us, you can RSVP here.

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Economics, Jobs and the Kavanaugh SCOTUS Nomination

Kavanaugh’s Nomination to the Supreme Court Good for America


In recent articles on LinkedIn and on my USA Herald column I expressed my support of President Trumps nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. He’s the right choice for many reasons – not least of which is a record of being an impartial arbiter of the law. Kavanaugh believes the judiciary is meant to interpret the law based on the constitution and precedent. Any attempt by a judge to rewrite the law would dangerously undermine American democracy.


Creating a Business Friendly Environment

Small business all over America should be happy with Kavanaugh’s nomination. Over regulation is the consistent enemy of our entrepreneurs and this appointment is another step in President Trump’s approach for dealing with that threat. Choosing a Supreme Court nominee that seeks to remove unnecessary and unlawful regulations is a positive move.

Charles Laverty Op Ed about SCOTUS Nomination
Charles Laverty Op Ed about SCOTUS Nomination

Removal of Barriers for Growth

If there are any doubts about the choice that President Trump has made they should be quickly displaced by a look at Kavanaugh’s record. As a federal appeals court judge for the District of Columbia he ruled against unnecessary regulations on 75 separate occasions. He believes that regulations should not be created to impose barriers to business, but should only be used when necessary to help the American economy and individual Americans.


A Man of Conviction

There are many examples of judges that have been afraid to make big decisions that challenge established institutions – even when it’s right to do so. Kavanaugh is not one of those judges. In 2014, he correctly ruled against FDA regulations that had forced a medical device company to remove a product from the market. He recognized that this agency had overstepped its reach. He instead made a ruling based on constitutional principles that supported the growth and expansion of medical innovation – something that is vital to America’s national interests.


Deserves American Support

Nominations to the Supreme Court are often controversial for a variety of reasons. This one shouldn’t be. Kavanaugh’s impartial record of ruling based on the constitution and the precedent of previous judgements are unquestioned. In his impressive career he’s clearly established himself as a supporter of traditional American values and the rule of law. Those are principles that both parties should support – Republican and Democrat. There will undoubtedly be opponents of his nomination, but there’s little reason to suspect that his nomination won’t be approved. America’s Supreme Court looks like it’s heading in the right direction once again.


Thank you again for reading. I do what to hear your views including issues that you believe make it so you cannot support the nominee. Please also follow and connect with me on Twitter.

Charles Laverty


Note: opinions are my own an do not reflect those of ABS, its shareholders, management or employees.

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