China Bound for ABS

China Bound for ABS post by Charles Laverty

Interest Overseas

I am off to the People’s Republic of China in one week.  I must say I am very excited to travel there and experience their culture.

We have had a tremendous interest from China.  Advanced Bifurcation Systems is going there to have meetings with these interested parties.  All of the interest has been warmly received by our backing of 36 awarded patents and 12 pending patents.

China Culture

I plan to post on my site about my travel experiences and business happenings.  The people, culture and the food I am enamored with.

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Excited to Attend Biotech Showcase 2018

Biotech Showcase 2018 post by Charlie Laverty

Biotech Conference

I am really looking forward to my trip to San Francisco to attend the Biotech Showcase 2018 convention.  This event is well received as a strategic benchmark that is of high importance.  The conference will have over 334 billion dollars in capital represented from investors.

The attention this convention gets is huge.  Ranging from executives of leading biotech companies to big pharmaceutical companies and big industry experts.

This conference is one of the years most important for investors.  People from all over the world will be in attendance.  Last year there were over 1,800 companies, over 3,000 people and over 900 investors.  That is the sign of a great turnout and the importance of this conference.


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Baby Boomers Healthcare

Baby Boomers and Healthcare issues post by Charles Laverty

Baby Boomers and Healthcare issues post by Charles Laverty
Baby Boomers and Healthcare issues post by Charles Laverty

Baby Boomers and the State of Healthcare to Come

An article contributed by Chunka Mui for Forbes focuses on the subject of baby boomers and healthcare.  The numbers stated in this article are staggering.

The medical needs of baby boomers that are affected by diabetes, high blood pressure and chronic illnesses are increasing.  Therefore, the money paid by this generation for insurances and other costs are increasing.

Also, the article discusses how the medical staff in general won’t be strong enough to fulfill the baby boomer needs.  The system is going to be inundated, and bankruptcy for individuals and our nation could result, Mui states.

Keeping sight

This article is a good article, I do think it comes down to personal responsibility.  We are largely responsible of whether we are sick or healthy.  Keeping up on diet and exercise, is important since weight control is one of the underlying issues for being and staying healthy.

Self-awareness will help baby boomers stay on top of their medical needs.  Knowing what we are doing and when we are doing it.  Responsibility of our own person, will make a difference.

Read the article here.



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An Interview with a CEO

IdeaMensch Interview

I was happy to have had an interview with IdeaMencsh.  The experience was fun and the interviewer super nice and did their research.

IdeaMensch is a website for interviews on all kinds of people.  The site also offers content useful for people who are starting out with a job or starting a new business.  The interviews are very encouraging and inspirational.

Charles Laverty Interview with IdeaMensch
Charles Laverty Interview with IdeaMensch

IdeaMensch posts interviews daily so their content is always updating.

You can read my full interview here .

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Biospace profile for ABS

My Mission to Reduce Heart Surgery post by Charles Laverty

ABS now on Biospace

I am so happy to announce that we have a profile on Biospace com.  This website is dedicated to the

Biospace profile for ABS
Biospace profile for ABS

latest industry news, events and careers.

This site offers a comprehensive data base on medical, biotech and pharmaceutical industries.  You can find career news and help.  Also know the latest breaking industry news.





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ABS profile on

Announcing profile on Inc com

Inc profile for Advanced Bifurcation Systems
Inc profile for Advanced Bifurcation Systems

I am happy to announce that my company, Advanced Bifurcation Systems is now on Inc com.  Inc and Inc Magazine is the place to find useful information to start and grow your business.

Information, small business ideas and inspiration along with practical advice are among the things you can find on this site.

Inc really helps the small business company stand out in many ways.  Getting a verified profile on this site is a sure step in the right direction.



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Bonding Memories over Golf

Charles Laverty and grandson first golf swing

Golf With my Grandson

One of my favorite all time sports is golf.  You probably would have guessed this already, given that it seems to be an all american leisure activity for guys.  Golf can bring so many bonding memories.

My grandson, who is 7 years old, started to ask me questions about things I like to do.  I told him I liked spending time with him and my kids.  He proceeds to say, no, when you aren’t with us what do you do.  So I mentioned golf and then pulled up a couple of videos of me and some friends playing.

That is when I saw this bit of excitement in his smile and he was watching the videos.  I thought to myself, this will be a chance for some fantastic bonding time with him.  I will show him what this sport is all about.

Bonding Memories

Well, the best money I have spent in a while was buying clubs and the appropriate spiky shoes for my grandson. The joy in his eyes as he discovers this great game makes the time he and I enjoy together some of my favorite moments.

Charles Laverty and grandson bonding thru golf. First golf swing
Charles Laverty and grandson bonding thru golf. First golf swing
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ABS Announces $20M Growth Capital Round

Advanced Bifurcation Systems Announces $20M Growth Capital Round

Advanced Bifurcation Systems (ABS) made two major announcements in the past couple of weeks. We’ve launched a new round of fundraising with a target of $20 million.  We are also happy to announces that Ken Richards has joined our team as our new CFO.

These are exciting times at ABS as we continue our progress towards regulatory approval globally and the release of our advanced stenting system worldwide. Within a few short years, most open heart surgeries could become a thing of the past.

Firm Financial Footing

The medical field is a competitive one with innovative research teams competing to attract the attention of major investors. That’s why adding Ken Richards to our team was so important. He brings with him a wealth of experience in the investment arena working for successful investment firms such as York Bridge Capital and CIBC World Markets. Ken has the expertise to help ABS reach its $20 million funding target.

Human Trials

Ken’s a graduate of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and that’s not the only Canadian connection at ABS. On October 3, 2017, we also made a major announcement about our next wave of human clinical trials in partnership with Dalhousie University’s Medical School in New Brunswick. Planning is well underway to begin this next phase of trials at the medical school. This is a big “next step” in our steady progress towards the eventual commercial role out of our innovative stenting system.

Positive Feedback

Our breakthrough technology received a lot of positive feedback at the recent European Bifurcation Club meeting in Portugal where our CMO, Dr. Mehran Khorsandi, talked about our new procedure. We’ve been able to use this to continue our momentum and we’re excited about what the next few months has in store.

How it Works

Our new technology is designed to replace less reliable stenting methods used today. Our procedure covers all types of lesions regardless of branch angle, size, plaque burden or location. Our system places stents in both the main branch and side branch simultaneously and its self-aligning to virtually eliminate the need for further surgery.

Once we’ve received full regulatory approval I believe that the Advanced Bifurcation Systems Platform will become the method of choice for most interventionist cardiologists.


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WSJ Opinion Piece FBI Directors Imperiling Rule of Law

Sad Statement About Politics Dividing Our Nation


This Wall Street Journal opinion piece by Peter Berkowitz highlights something really sad. Comey and Mueller would rather see the FBI used as a tool of political intrigue than protect the rule of law for Americans. This situation deserves public outcry and our top law enforcement organization should be above influencing politics or personal gain.

This WSJ Opinion piece highlights a sad reality. Comey & Mueller have chosen politics over rule of law
This WSJ Opinion piece highlights a sad reality. Comey & Mueller have chosen politics over rule of law. The divisions in our country continue
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