Big ABS Presentation At Bifurcation Club Meeting

From Drive to Overdrive

Building a startup can arguably be one of the most difficult challenges in business. So it is immensely gratifying and invigorating when you start to build momentum and see everyone’s hard work paying off big.

We have so many great things happen right now at ABS that it is hard to know where to start. But from media coverage to investor interest to the announcement of human trials in Canada, the team at Advanced Bifurcation Systems is enjoying seeing so much progress on so many fronts.

Big developments

One of the most exciting developments is that ABS co-founder Dr. Mehran Khorsandi will present the ABS dedicated stenting system at the European Bifurcation Club meeting in Porto, Portugal on Saturday October 14th.

We are also sponsoring a cocktail party the first night of the meeting. The EBC meeting is a meeting of some of the top minds in the field and it will give our team a chance to show off the hard work and our innovative solution.

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New Biotech Breakthroughs

Biotech Breakthroughs

What are the biotech breakthroughs happening now?  This was a twitter handle that asked me this question recently.  From Twitter handle @HealthyCarnivor

My reply is that there are many in the area of cell therapy. Over the next ten years there will be many opportunities to treat different disease states with stem cells. There are trials in process for Muscular Dystrophy, Macular degeneration, coronary diseases and cancer therapy.

biotech news by Charles Laverty. photocredit unknown
biotech news by Charles Laverty. photocredit unknown
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Being a Better Manager

Being Boss

Charles Laverty on better ways to be a manager
Charles Laverty on better ways to be a manager

Having your own business, or running someone else’s, is a huge responsibility.  This is also something that takes up your time and energy in so many ways.  Some boss’s need to become a better manager.

Most bosses are busy throughout an entire day.  They don’t have much time to actually devote to improving the manager skills.  If managers can take a little time to put towards this very important part of their business, if will surely pay off.

Making a few changes to the basics will help.  Just small simple changes with employee interaction will prove great results.

There is no one style fits all for a manager

There is no one fits all style of managing.  You have to develop and hone in on what will work for your skill set.

If you have a motivated and upbeat staff, then this will prove to be valuable.  This will probably even give you employees who exceed target expectations.

As a boss, it is up to you to lead the team.

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Proudly Sponsoring the XIII European Bifurcation Club Meeting

Sponsoring Bifurcation Meeting

We at Advanced Bifurcation Systems are thrilled to be sponsoring the XIII European Bifurcation Club Meeting. You can read more about it online.

The gathering brings together global thought leaders in the treatment of coronary bifurcation lesions.

The annual meeting covers the development of new processes, developments and devices as well as to give scientific credibility to new clinical and technological projects.


Read more about it here

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Tax cuts will help saves lives

Who’s Killing Who?

Charles Laverty on tax cuts to save lives
Charles Laverty on tax cuts to save lives

The new government at hand is starting to take a role in lowering taxes.  In particular, for both large and small businesses.  They might see a tax cuts at about 15 percent.  This is just a bare bones project that is needed to help with research and development funds that are required to keep companies doors to remain open.

Tax cuts can help with innovation

If we do not have pharmaceutical companies implementing new avenues to help with illnesses and without the companies who manufacture medical devices continuing to invent new technology, we as a society will loose out in this benefit.  So in saying, this will in turn cost lives not save them.

I go more in depth on this subject.  Please read more about this topic here. 


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Silence to Nonesense news

There is no doubt President Trump’s delivery could use help.  In fact, he should use his pulpit to get on television to bring the country together.

Although maybe it is just not possible. The media has gone so over the top it is almost hard that anyone with an IQ, can believe anything they say.  Last Thursday, on CNN, Wolf Blitzer tried to tie the terrible episode in Virginia to Barcelona and that Trump might have cause this to happen. What pure nonsense.

We have never, in our history seen the media create stories like they are doing today. They were silent for 8 years and maybe now they are catching up on lost time.

It is very sad to see the divisions in the country. While Trump could do a better job of leadership, he almost faces an impossible task within his own party, the rest of  congress and the media.

We might need everyone to take a deep breath and all try to “ROW THE BOAT” in the same direction for the benefit of all of our brothers and sisters and the country in general.

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Remembering Tommy Hawkins

Tommy Hawkins died on August 16th. I met Tommy Hawkins a number of years ago when I was the sponsor of the John Wooden College Basketball Player of the Year Award.

I don’t think I ever met or new a better man than Tommy Hawkins. He was incredibly kind, friendly and the most open and honest human being I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

His athletic career was excellent but he was a better person. He was humble and he only saw good in people. My most enjoyable time during my relationship of the famous Wooden Award was the opportunity to meet and talk with Tommy Hawkins. He was a true hero, in my mind and will be missed by many.

Below is a picture of Tommy, Coach Wooden, Steve Hathaway and myself during one of the Wooden Award presentations.

Tommy Hawkins, Coach Wooden, Steve Hathway, Charlie Laverty
Tommy Hawkins, Coach Wooden, Steve Hathway, Charlie Laverty



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North Korea May Need To Hear Trumps Words

Charles Laverty on talks with North Korea. Photo credit unknown.
Charles Laverty on talks with North Korea. Photo credit unknown.

Lots of the elites are weighing in on President Trump’s recent statements. History shows that there are times where strong, even threatening rhetoric is the only way to get the point across. Many Presidents have employed this strategy successfully and we can look to The Bay of Pigs and World War II for examples. The Kim regime uses this to get attention and it is important to know when to adopt the language of your adversary. A strong position of power might make negotiations more palatable to North Korea. The DPRK has shown that diplomatic, carefully vetted language doesn’t work, so tough talk may be just the thing.


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Fix Climate Change Without Breaking The Country

Fear is The Wrong Strategy to Address Climate Change

Climate change is a hotly debated issue, no pun intended. Having many live in fear.  No matter which side of the fence you’re on, it’s something that can’t be ignored both physically and on a political level. We’re forced to deal with a slew of information.  Some of which borders on apocalyptic. With regards to the world’s changing climate and how it will affect humanity, the economy, and future generations, daily.

But is all the fear warranted? Or is it blown out of proportion to suit an agenda? Look at the most prevalent political icon known for his strong opinion on climate change and global warming.

Living in Fear. Politicizing Climate Change Isnt Good For The Environment or The Country
Politicizing Climate Change Isn’t Good For The Environment or The Country.

In 2006 ex-vice president Al Gore starred in a badly disguised political campaign of a movie, An Inconvenient Truth, which followed him on a journey to ‘educate’ the masses on the threat of global warming and climate change. As of October 2006, An Inconvenient Truth has grossed more than $23 million at the Box Office, and Al Gore himself continues to profit off his views on climate change.

This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t focus on reducing energy consumption and our carbon footprint. However, we must do so without the fanaticism purported by global warming ‘enthusiasts.’

Factors to consider

We need to consider certain factors when talking about climate change and what we can do about it.

  1. The United States shouldn’t be responsible for paying for the rest of the world to reduce their energy consumption
  2. We need to work with facts that aren’t politically slanted – agenda equals lie in the long run.
  3. We need to take personal responsibility for our environment but not through government edicts

The bottom line with climate change is this: do what you can to prevent it and stay clean, but don’t introduce limitations which affect the economics of the United States based on thinly veiled apocalyptic posturing and alarm-ism.

The doomsday mentality has been around for years. Allowing it to seep into the economy will be disastrous for the U.S.

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