Baby Boomers Healthcare

Baby Boomers and the State of Healthcare to Come An article contributed by Chunka Mui for Forbes focuses on the subject of baby boomers and healthcare.  The numbers stated in this article are staggering. The medical needs of baby boomers that are affected by diabetes, high blood pressure and chronic illnesses are increasing.  Therefore, the money paid by this generation for insurances and other costs are increasing. Also, the article discusses how the medical staff in general won’t be strong enough to fulfill the baby boomer needs.  The system is going to be inundated, and bankruptcy for individuals and our…

Dr Mehran Khorsandi on WSJ article

Wall Street Journal Article Dr Mehran Khorsandi, our Chief Medical Officer, comments on the article by The Wall Street Journal.   The article is regarding a new study about are stents really necessary.  Dr. Khorsandi is a leader in this field and his views on the study are noted here.     Please follow and like us:

Biospace profile for ABS

ABS now on Biospace I am so happy to announce that we have a profile on Biospace com.  This website is dedicated to the latest industry news, events and careers. This site offers a comprehensive data base on medical, biotech and pharmaceutical industries.  You can find career news and help.  Also know the latest breaking industry news.         Please follow and like us:

ABS Announces $20M Growth Capital Round

Advanced Bifurcation Systems Announces $20M Growth Capital Round Advanced Bifurcation Systems (ABS) made two major announcements in the past couple of weeks. We’ve launched a new round of fundraising with a target of $20 million.  We are also happy to announces that Ken Richards has joined our team as our new CFO. These are exciting times at ABS as we continue our progress towards regulatory approval globally and the release of our advanced stenting system worldwide. Within a few short years, most open heart surgeries could become a thing of the past. Firm Financial Footing The medical field is a…

America – Time For Us To Work Together

Winning Is Trumping Progress At the Moment Politics has always been a contact sport. But I argue that we have been able to come together to find common ground to fight an enemy. We did it with World War II (at least after Pearl Harbor), we did it after September 11th. We did it (mostly) during the height of the Cold War. We can do it today if we Row The Boat together. Different Challenges – Huge Stakes The issues we face are extremely serious. Changing technology and demographics mean huge challenges for jobs and resource contention around the world….

Medical Innovation Is Not A Blue or Red State Issue

The Next Instagram May Change the Way You Take Pictures But The Next Big Medical Innovation Could Save Your Life Last week at the European Bifurcation Club meeting in Porto Portugal, ABS co-founder and chief medical officer Dr. Mehran Khorsand presented the ABS bifurcation stenting platform. We met many other dedicated doctor and professionals who are devoting their energy, time and money to creating life-saving and enhancing innovations that will benefit us all. This is why medical innovation is different and deserves to be treated differently. For all the things that divide us as a nation, medical innovation should stand…

Wonderful Sponsors at EBC2017

Happening today and tomorrow The event today for the European Bifurcation Club 2017 is going well.  The hashtags EBC2017 and #EuropeanBifurcationClub2017 is being used for reference. We have some great sponsors that are here including us here at Advanced Bifurcation Systems. GOLD Sponsors Abbott Vascular Terumo Interventional Systems Medtronic Advanced Bifurcation Systems SILVER Sponsors Boston Scientific Philips Volcano BRONZE Sponsors Biotronic Bolton Cordis   Please follow and like us:

Sponsoring the EBC2017 Event

Event Sponsors of the European Bifurcation Club 2017 Advanced Bifurcation Systems is very proud to announce the sponsorship of the European Bifurcation Club 2017 (EBC2017).  The event will hold in detail the advancements in cardiovascular technologies. Advanced Bifurcation Systems will hold a cocktail event on Friday, the 13th, at 19:45 in the evening. This will conclude the end of this informative day.  The cocktail hour will be held in the BRAGANCA meeting room (level 2) at The Crowne Plaza Hotel. Dr. Mehran J. Khorsandi, MD, Co-Founder, Chairman & Chief Medical Officer of Advanced Bifurcation Systems will be presenting on Saturday, the 14th, in the…

Big ABS Presentation At Bifurcation Club Meeting

From Drive to Overdrive Building a startup can arguably be one of the most difficult challenges in business. So it is immensely gratifying and invigorating when you start to build momentum and see everyone’s hard work paying off big. We have so many great things happen right now at ABS that it is hard to know where to start. But from media coverage to investor interest to the announcement of human trials in Canada, the team at Advanced Bifurcation Systems is enjoying seeing so much progress on so many fronts. Big developments One of the most exciting developments is that…

Tax cuts will help saves lives

Who’s Killing Who? The new government at hand is starting to take a role in lowering taxes.  In particular, for both large and small businesses.  They might see a tax cuts at about 15 percent.  This is just a bare bones project that is needed to help with research and development funds that are required to keep companies doors to remain open. Tax cuts can help with innovation If we do not have pharmaceutical companies implementing new avenues to help with illnesses and without the companies who manufacture medical devices continuing to invent new technology, we as a society will…