Silence to Nonesense news

There is no doubt President Trump’s delivery could use help.  In fact, he should use his pulpit to get on television to bring the country together.

Although maybe it is just not possible. The media has gone so over the top it is almost hard that anyone with an IQ, can believe anything they say.  Last Thursday, on CNN, Wolf Blitzer tried to tie the terrible episode in Virginia to Barcelona and that Trump might have cause this to happen. What pure nonsense.

We have never, in our history seen the media create stories like they are doing today. They were silent for 8 years and maybe now they are catching up on lost time.

It is very sad to see the divisions in the country. While Trump could do a better job of leadership, he almost faces an impossible task within his own party, the rest of  congress and the media.

We might need everyone to take a deep breath and all try to “ROW THE BOAT” in the same direction for the benefit of all of our brothers and sisters and the country in general.

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