Stop Taxing Medical Innovation

Medical Innovation Saves Lives – Stop Penalizing It

Where would we be without innovation in healthcare? The impact on mankind is immeasurable. We need to stop taxing medical innovations.

We would we still have cases of polio, AIDS would still be a death sentence. People would still be walking about with Hepaticas C and no knowledge of the disease.

We would not have advances in heart, liver, or kidney disease. We have gotten so used to everything from infant mortality to life expectancy being good and improving all the time that we simply take it all for granted.

Stop Demonizing People Who Are Trying to Make Us Healthy

Charles Laverty Opposes Taxing Medical Innovation
Taxing Medical Innovation Costs Lives. The Medical Innovation Ecosystem Requires Freedom to Innovate

Legislators get the nerve to penalize medical innovation from the voters. We need to out politicians that added tax for medical companies to The Affordable Care Act. What are these people thinking? People who are hostile to free markets use them as a way to advance their ideology. Business hostility isn’t just costing us money it is costing us lives.

Yes, many medicines are very expensive when they are launched. But we are making that worse by raising the cost and complexity of bringing new drugs and medical technologies to market. better expensive than never developed in the first place. They have to make their money back. Business is a risky proposition and medical and drug research has special concerns. Drug companies and manufacturers need to spend money on a lot of research before they find something that is safe and effective and which people will pay for. If you want costs to go down then stop rising their costs.

Stop Taxing. Protect The Cycle of Innovation

We keep beating up drug companies and medical manufacturing companies but where would we, our country and the world be without the R&D? Nobody in the US benefits if we encourage them to leave the country to get better tax treatment. We have been talking about tax reform for years and yet where is the leadership in Washington?

Think of everything that is involved with successfully making a profit on medical research. There are research and public health concerns, IP protections, regulatory hurdles and trade concerns. Every place where we raise cost and complexity is bad for people and bad for the US.


Another disgrace in our country.


written by Charles Laverty

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